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Number 1

Welcome to my first ever blog post! I wouldn’t get your hopes up, this will be rubbish. I had planned to start this blog to document about my ‘Alcohol free April’.. i’m afraid I have ran away with it already. i could also inhale a Pornstar Martini or five right about now!

After the year from hell that was 2016 and years of negative thoughts, I have decided to jump on the positive thinking team to see what all of the fuss was. I am four months into changing my thought process and a lot has changed already, its almost scary infact! I am totally sold in the power of positivity. Don’t get me wrong, I am not about to do a Tom Cruise and declare my love for it over a crusty couch and there are times when I would rather tell the world to ‘hence forth’ than walk around smiling.

I will be sharing bits from my past, present and hopefully future with some randomness in between. And please, if you ever see me write a post with the words ‘the next chapter’.. ‘the next stage of my journey’ or some other hippy bollocks, please feel free to tell me to get a grip.