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Week off?..completed it mate


So I have had a whole week off work, which I was totally dreading. I had visions of me going all Bridget Jones, downing wine and screeching along to ‘all by myself’. I had even bought the ice cream ready, mint chocolate chip, what else?! I could cope with a whole week of wine and ice cream, although I don’t think my neighbors would have felt the same with my singing.

I’m nearing the end to that week off and actually haven’t stopped until right now; my phone literally hasn’t stopped with messages and emails. Not only have I had the chance to catch up with family and friends but I managed to squeeze in two amazing shoots. One in Liverpool, a pure cheesecake pin up one putting own my spin on a Gil Elvgren painting which I am obsessed with; the second one was a boudoir shoot in Manchester. I was totally comfortable with the pin up one as I am getting used to the yoga style moves to get into certain poses but didn’t know what to expect from the boudoir shoot. I had posed a bit in lingerie but never a burlesque theme. I must have been comfortable right from the start as I nailed each pose on the first shot. Plus when the photographer asks the reason for the shoot and says ‘well it’s clearly not to boost your confidence’, you know you’re on to a winner. I was always confident about my body when i was younger, something i had lost over the past 6 or so years. I knew prancing around that studio in my stockings, not even trying to suck my belly in, or caring about my cellulite or my nice shiny silver stretch marks that my body confidence has come back with vengeance.

So this weekend I’m having to totally recharge my batteries before another busy week ahead, back to work for 4 shifts, then two more shoots and heading straight to the airport after Sundays networking shoot. I know I should possibly take my time with this pin up malarkey but at the minute I’m loving it and starting to actually get somewhere, not bad for only two months in. I can’t quite believe how it’s all working out and still feel a bit uncomfortable at times when people pass comment as I don’t know how to take a compliment at all, well without sounding sarcastic. Once you start believing you can actually achieve a day dream, it’s surprising how quick you get in to it.  Plus when I’m burnt out and shattered, I can revert to my first plan and grab my tub of ice cream from the freezer and piss off the neighbors!

Future annoyance check list


Last year, I had a chat with my cousin about being single. I asked him why he has not found us all a nice lady friend to get drunk with at family parties; he gave the best response ever.

‘I know what I want, what qualities are the perfect woman for me, why would I settle for anything less?’

This short sentence has stuck with me since, even more so now that I am getting asked this question, although I’m after a nice man, sorry ladies 😉 So, I have decided to compile a list of my own (this list in non-exhaustive of course)

My perfect guy:

  • Must have an amazing sense of humour, not the personality of a sweaty mop
  • He must have the ability to make me laugh even in the worse situations and especially when I have a ‘little woman syndrome’ flare up
  • Great hair – indie/mod cut all day long, man buns need not apply!!
  • A good sense of style, I’m a rare breed that thinks grey sweat pants a vile. As are beige shoes. I like to get dressed up, I don’t want to be stood with some guy in his finest trackys, no matter how well they have been ironed
  • Taller than me, which isn’t too much to ask being 5ft nothing
  • Isn’t easily offended, I have the mouth of a drunken sailor and WILL call you a dick at some point, usually for no reason
  • He has to be creative and have imagination
  • Know what he wants from life & is ambitious
  • Be family orientated, i love my family, we are all equally bonkers and throw a boss party!
  • No serial killer traits appart from the charm of course
  • Not feminine at all, I want a man, not a woman
  • Finally, confidence and a positive outlook!

I know I sound like the kids from Mary Poppins looking for a nanny, I am fully aware that such a fella does not exist and will not find this blog entry will drift to him ripped up from a fireplace; I may have to compromise. I must point out that I will NEVER compromise for a guy on the grey sweaty pants or beige shoes front, he can fuck right off.