10 Things i love & hate

love hate 2

Things I Love

  1. Clothes – I love how they can change your mood. Getting dolled up to go out or even just to do nothing and getting an instant confidence boost. Or putting on a silk night dress, best.feeling.ever.
  2. Music – Again, I love how it can change your mood. If I am mildly irritated I throw on my favorite ones to screech along too, my mood vanishes! The amount of playlists I have is ridiculous. Driving to work, driving home, day off, running, moving house, chilled, bath playlist, getting ready playlist and a new music playlist.
  3. My family – fairly obvious one but I do. They say you can’t choose your family, something I am totally ok with as mine are amazing. The right mix of bonkers, we all actually get along and we throw a bloody good party. We are known to have withdrawals if there’s too big a gap between parties!
  4. Vintage things – clothes, music, make up & hair! Back from when ladies dressed as ladies and guys wore suits, everyone made an effort and clothes were made to last.
  5. Coconut oil – the stuff of gods. I do my veg in it, put it in rice, over meat, in my bath, take my make up off with it, put it on my new tattoo and I’ve started oil pulling with it, which totally works. I want to be embalmed in the stuff when the time comes.
  6. Being a bit weird – I love being secretly weird, speaks for itself.
  7. People who can make me laugh by saying hardly anything – someone who just has to give you a certain look and you know exactly what they are getting at, that’s a true art form.
  8. Flowers – I buy myself flowers every week, proper essential purchase. I love how they brighten a room up and the fact something as pretty as tulips can come through mud gives hope for us all.
  9. Noel Gallagher – His hair, his eyebrows, his mahoosive ego, his music, the way he speaks of his wife. Basically everything. Hes one cool fucker.
  10. The Lake District – I instantly chill as soon as I am in Cumbria, that wave of loveliness washes over me and my thoughts are left somewhere else. You can’t beat stomping up a mountain with some amazing music blaring into your ears and the peace and quiet at the top, amazing.


Thinks I hate/mildly dislike

  1. Loud eaters – there is no need to chew with your massive gob open, or sound like a pug when your inhaling your food. I don’t care what your sandwich sounds like.
  2. Rudeness – being rude for no reason, why waste your energy. Crack a bloody smile once in a while, it’s not all that bad.
  3. Filling my car up – I have no idea why, but I hate it. Yet I always leave it until the last 5 or so miles and frustrate myself even more.
  4. Polystyrene – whoever invented this stuff deserves a poke in the eye. I moved 2 months ago and im still finding the stuff everywhere. It probably doesn’t help that I don’t actually own a hoover, im totally blaming the polystyrene.
  5. Fake laughs – sitting next to one of these creatures is just embarrassing, I tend to exit stage left at the sound of one.
  6. Useless/hurtful gossip – we are all guilty of a gossip but don’t spread useless shite or plain lies. So what if your cousin’s aunties brothers dog has had the best dog bath ever or that your next door neighbour is having an affair with someone else I couldn’t care less about. What the hell am I going to do with that information, if it doesn’t make me chuckle, don’t bloody tell me.
  7. Cauliflower cheese – this stuff is revolting, disgusting and downright offensive in every way possible. I was forced to eat this in primary school. I warned the dinner lady of its evilness but she stood over me and made me eat it like the Truchbull from Matilda. This was swiftly followed by me erupting it back up and clearing the dining room.
  8. Sue Perkins – I can’t explain why, she is like my version of nails across a chalkboard. To say she grinds my gears would be a major understatement.
  9. Modern clothing sizes – how can I be an 8 in one shop and a 14 in another?!
  10. Moomins – those bloomin moomins haunted me as a child, literally, I had so many nightmares about them chasing me. Those wide eyes and no mouth. They were the scariest thing ever. These people who have a fear of clowns, clowns have nothing on them!

I also hate the fact that i have just googled Moomins. They still freak me out. i will however not google Sue Perkins, that’s a step i am not willing to take.


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