Feed your soul

‘A relaxed mind is a creative mind’


I have always been a creative little soul. I love painting, playing with different art materials and making absolutely anything. I’ve always had a project on the go; I’d decoupage everything from photo frames to clocks and boxes, started making jewellery, bits on my sewing machine and attempting to learn my ukulele. I spent time with the occupational therapies team in my previous job, putting together activities and running or assisting with classes and loved it. I was getting paid to do dance classes, painting, pottery, tai chi and although I’d hate to admit it doing ‘wake up and stretch’ every morning. This involved trying to coax patients who had literally just opened their eyes to stand around in a circle and move and wiggle around to music whilst trying not to look like idiots. i miss carrying that little boom box onto a ward full of cheery faces.. After I had left, I haven’t done anything at all creative, until now!

Since I have decided to stop being such a negative and pessimistic cow, it seems like my creative urges have returned in full flow. I am starting art classes, getting back into painting and doodling, picked back up my ukulele, doing more photoshoots and I have started writing. I have also always been into my music, normally classic rock and a bit of brit pop but I have had my little peepers and lugholes opened to the ways of new music. I have literally spent weeks trawling twitter and Spotify listening to all kinds, Spotify is literally the best invention ever. I’m currently hammering The Vryll Society, Wicked Whispers, Whyte Horses and Clean Cut kid to name a few, all amazing in their own way.

I’m finally getting back to myself and it feels amazing, those creative juices are certainly flowing again. My next project is trying to make some sort of art work for my walls, so it looks like I will have to stop eating my crayons and actually scribble with them for a change, at least if it’s a mess I can count it as abstract art.


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