Alcohol free..


The first time I ever got drunk was on a family holiday in Majorca with my family. I was 14/15 and getting fully into the holiday spirit by trying my first ever vodka and fresh orange. Possibly not the smartest choice for my first drinking session with holiday measures! The first went down a treat; it just tasted like fresh orange but with a bitter edge. Fast forward two hours and several generous double vodka’s and I was on the floor, in the toilet, asleep. I had to be pushed back to the hotel in my step brother’s pram whilst he was carried. The next day was my first of many horrendous hangovers. I remember being in the hotel room toilet, screaming into the bowl through tear filled eyes, wondering when I would die, in between crying that is.  Looking back now, it makes a funny holiday story but it makes me cringe. I should have stuck to loosing at pool and inhaling cheese and onion crisp. But hey, there’s a first time for everything!

Last week, after yet another crippling hangover, I decided to quit drinking alcohol. As I think more about it, there are many MANY reasons for me to quit, which I will get to later! I am by no means an alcoholic but I do drink most night’s I’m off work, I’ll have a few beers or unsuccessfully stop at half a bottle of Malbec. Since moving, I have been celebrating most nights, the weight that I had lost through my breakup diet is creeping back in, my skin is disgusting and my sleep pattern is even worse. So I have been drinking herbal tea instead for a week and I have bloody loved it! So far my skin is clearing, weight starting to buggar off and I have had two of the best night’s sleep I have had in months, all after a week?!

So technically even though I have already started, tomorrow will be an alcohol free april, possibly even longer! If I manage to do it with nights out, a week off and the impending doom that is the final year of my late 20’s about to slap me in the face, I will deserve a medal. Or a high five at the very least!!


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