Confidence Built?!


My confidence building list may seem like stupid things to some people but these are massive goals for me.  Here’s what I have achieved so far:

  • I sat in a bar in Manchester, somewhere I had never been, ordered a Pornstar martini (standard) and chilled at the bar alone, talking to the bar man. I did explain that I was waiting for a friend to finish work, so he didn’t think I had been stood up, or was an escort.
  • I spent the day in Liverpool on a little date with myself. I went to the cinema to watch the Oasis documentary ‘Supersonic’ (awesome might I add), then went to Leaf on Bold street. I sat alone, in a room full of groups of people, had a prosecco and an amazing lamb stew. The waiter set the challenge that i wouldn’t eat it all. so naturally i inhaled the whole thing.
  • I have tried to include myself in group conversations more. I have stopped avoiding conversations by actually stopping to talk to people, also not just answering ‘not a lot’ when someone asks what I have been up to, something i still struggle with.
  • On most days off, I am doing my hair and make-up in vintage styles, throwing a victory roll or bandanna in with some slap on of course.
  • I have worn my vintage cape loads, and bought another, and A LOT more vintage!
  • I haven’t stopped laughing. Now I am actually making an effort it turns out that I am surrounded by some pretty cool people, I have lost count of how many times I have cried with laughter, maybe even had a little laughter wee!

The only thing now left to cross off is the holiday alone, which I’m planning for September/October and I can’t wait!

I have ventured on to the dating scene, let’s just say that has certainly been an eye opening experience..


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