Confidence building 101

I love a list. I literally make around 3 a day and nothing excites me more than a fresh page, if I’m feeling particularly rock and roll, I’ll crack out a highlighter. Yes, I am a massive loser and proud. So naturally, I made a ‘build your confidence back up’ list.

It has been a long time coming after having my confidence knocked by a charming ex who loved to ask me why I am not as pretty, funny or skinny as his girl mates at uni. Looking back, I bloody was! Once it had ended, I had zero confidence. I had put on 2 stone from drinking 3 boxes of wine a week, skint and living off left over food in work. It took ages to gain my confidence back, once i had cut out the sweaty £5 wine boxes, lost the weight of a small child and strutted my stuff with a pin-up shoot, it was most certainly on the up..

So, a few months ago these were the ideas I came up with:

-walk into a new bar, order a drink and sit alone

-eat a meal alone in a restaurant

-go out and enjoy your own company

-don’t care what others think and stop being a wallflower

-act confident and dont be so shy

-get on the dating scene

-smile and laugh more

-join in with group conversations, who cares if you go bright red?!

-wear vintage styles, throw that 60’s cape on!

-go on a holiday alone.

So far, I am making progress with my list..although I still haven’t figured out how to tell my face to chill out and stop going beetroot at the thought of a conversation, answers on a postcard please!!


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