New ink!

I am absolutely in love with my new tattoo, it’s my fifth one but the first time I have one that has an actual meaning behind lovely family.

IMG_3635The poppy..this has become the flower that represents our family. Aunty Dot & Uncle Dan were involved with the British legion, I remember uncle Dan coming into my primary school selling poppies or down the local shopping centre. My uncle Jim was also in the army.

The bluebells.. the first ever house my mum bought when we moved out of my nans had a garden full of bluebells and it was beautiful.

The tulip..this is my favourite ever flower, I’m forever buying myself a bunch on my weekly shop!

The Queen banner..this was what my Nan always called me, typical scouse Nan nickname. It still upsets me that I will never hear her call me this again but I will remember her every time I look at my arm and I can hear her voice.

I can also hear her telling me to ‘frig off’ but I wasn’t about to get that tattooed on me! Xx


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