The one with the bald patch..

So, the year from hell. It was 2016 and it started off with a bald patch. An actual, smooth shiny bald patch, the size of a two pound coin, right on my crown. My gorgeous flowing brightly dyed ginger hair that I had spent months perfecting was falling out and I had no idea why. To make things worse, I didn’t find it, a friend pointed it out when we had taken her little girl to feed the ducks. She must have seen the sun reflecting off it. It took me downing a bottle of wine before I could look, then I couldn’t see through the tears, so the wine worked like magic!

It was all downhill from there, the breakdown of a long term relationship, followed by moving back in with the parents, my lovely nanny Norma dying without explanation or reason on top of other things. I had never cried so much in my life. For someone who hates to cry in front of people, I was exploding as soon as I closed my bedroom door or sat in my car. On the way to work, on the way home, as soon as I got home, followed by a tactical whinge before bed to knock me out for an hour or two. I hadn’t had a proper night’s sleep in weeks and i was having a beer or wine every night. Then, after a very dodgy night out that ended up with me smelling like a drip tray, I decided it all had to stop. No more negative thoughts and to clear my mind and life of mess. So far it has actually worked. Every thought I have had or wanted has actually happened to the point it is scaring me. So naturally, I purchased ‘The Secret’,  immediately followed by ‘the magic art of not giving a f**k’.

Good news on the bald patch situation, I now have a good 5 inches of silky gingery hair growth, WINNER.


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